Moving Stories in Tokyo Olympic Games

Personal necklace air freshener can stay with athletes to competion. Tokyo Olympic Games ended with amazing achievements, among which I noticed moving stories.

A girl aged 12 from Syria was a loser in Pingpong games. Her home country suffered 10-year civil war. She practices on a stone Pingpong table, facing high temperature and power off. The relentless efforts not only ignites her own hope, but also the hope of people in Syria. Life is fragile when facing cruel war. However, life is also strong when fighting against setback. I’m shocked by her experience. Staying in a peaceful country with bright lights and air conditioner, I have no excuse not to endeavor better life.

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A tae kwon do athlete aged 24 was from Afghanistan. That country also suffered heavily from war. He fled to Europe for more practice of tae kwon do. However, he hardly met basic needs for food and shelter, even walking over 15 hours everyday to reach refugee camp. When he attended to Olympic Games, his mother passed away owing to covid pandemic. He protected his life from wars. Still, tremendous practice enables him to participate in Olympic Games. We live in one world, but with different destiny. Tribulation motivates the one who desires to change destiny. While comfort turns the one to be lazy. Personal necklace air freshener accompnies one for hardworking.

I’m proud of my powerful home country. It not only offers peaceful environment for personal growth, but also provide support for personal international development. So I’m lucky and content in my home country compared with people in war. Wars aims at sacrificing benefits of week sides to maximize benefits of strong sides. International business is able to promote industrial distribution and win-win cooperation. In this way, both weak sides and strong sides enjoy benefits from it. How sincere hope it is that everyone in the earth can enjoy the equality and prosperity.


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