Vanity or Happiness, Which Matters A Lot?

True filter air purifier air purifier for smokers creates safe clean environment for him and his family. Tokyo Olympic Games draws the attention of audience across the world. China athletes made huge achievements among the Olympic games. They not only fulfill their dreams, but also earn reputation for motherland.

However, it is pretty hard to become an international champion. Some athletes missed the metal owing to their faults. But they were unintentional faults that athlete didn’t expect. Netizens criticized the athletes for losing the face of motherland, even insulting their personality before. Athlete competed more for the motherland than themselves before. Once they were laureated the champion, their speech always spoke highly of their motherland not themselves. It happened again and again before.

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Car Air Purifier Refresher Portable

Nowadays netizens change their attitudes and opinions towards athletes. They encourage athletes to cheer up when they lose competition. They acclaim athletes when they win competition. The reason for netizens’ different attitudes is that they were inferior when China was not strong in the world. The Olympics is one of the ways to testify strong China. As China rise now in multiple areas, netizens are more confident than before. Athletes don’t need to suffer cyber violence. What they do is man proposes, god dispose.

Vanity arises from inferiority. When we are strong and competent, our hearts are more tolerant and broad. We don’t need to testify ourselves. Therefore, happiness is meaningful to us instead of vanity. Life is a treasure for only once. Then it’s worth pursuing happiness rather than vanity. True filter air purifier for smokers is a good choice for those smokers. If they can’t help them smoking in cars, they can use  car air purifier to purify car air.

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