Functions of Photocatalyst(1)

Disinfection wall mounted sterilizer is made up photocatalyst and UV-C light. They both work together to kill 99.99% bacteria & virus. In the field of indoor air purification, the vast majority of companies use photocatalyst technology, and many people do not know what it is, so today I introduce to you about photocatalyst from various dimensions.


The meaning of  photocatalyst

Photocatalyst is known as photocatalyst. It is academically defined as a general term for semiconductor materials with catalytic function represented by nano-titanium dioxide (TiO2). It does not change under the irradiation of light. But it promotes chemical reactions.


The function of photocatalyst

There are several functions of photocatalyst. Some of the main functional applications are sterilization, deodorization, mildew prevention, antifouling self-cleaning and air/water purification.

Air purification: It purifiesharmful organic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides that affect human health.

Sterilization: It has bactericidal effect on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. While sterilizing, it also breaks down harmful compounds released from bacterial carcasses.

Deodorization: It has deodorizing effect on cigarette odor, toilet odor, garbage odor, animal odor, etc.

Anti-fouling: It preventsoil pollution, dust and so on. It also has the effect of preventing the occurrence of mold, rust, yellow alkali and rust in the toilet and fading of the painted surface in the bathroom.

Water purification: It has the functions of purifying water pollution and purifying organic harmful substances in water. The surface is super hydrophilic. It has the functions of anti-fog, easy washing and easy drying.

UV Wall Mount Sterilizer
UV Wall Mount Sterilizer
The principle of photocatalyst air purification

Titanium dioxide forms strong free radicals after absorbing sunlight or ultraviolet light from lighting sources. Then it decomposes free harmful substances and microorganisms in the air into harmless carbon dioxide and water. That is to say, under the irradiation of light, the photocatalyst will produce a photocatalytic reaction similar to photosynthesis.

It has a strong photo-redox function, which can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria and the protein of the solidified virus. Finally it causes the bacteria to lose and die. It breaks down harmful compounds released by cell corpses into harmless water and carbon dioxide. Disinfection wall mounted sterilizer will accompany you to achieve better living environment.


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