Starting School

Disinfectant fogger is available in different locations. China started school on Sep 1st. Students went back to school for new semester. It is pleasant to celebrate it. However, corona-virus still impact their study.

A research from Bath university showed that if a man infects corona-virus for over weeks, the virus might mutate. Is it still effective to shot vaccine? The answer is true. According to China data research center, the protection rate is up to 59% for China vaccine. It is still helpful to combat delta, reducing death rate and prevent serious symptom.

Nano Atomizer Disinfectant Mist
Nano Atomizer Disinfectant Mist
Clean Classroom

When we study in a clean and elegant environment, we will feel more relaxed . In the campus environment, we bathe in the sun and absorb nutrients. We are passionate about the future.

Classroom is an important place for our study and work. The sanitation of the classroom environment directly affects the work, study and life of teachers and students. At the same time, the sanitation of the classroom environment is also an important symbol of the school’s civilization, and it is an intuitive factor affecting the school’s external image.

Less gathering is effective for preventing pathogens and germs. However, several students are congested in a classroom, it is a hotbed of pathogens and germs. It is amazing that we can use disinfectant fogger to remove bacteria and virus under direct exposure of  disinfectant. Students can play and study in clean classroom. Parents are also relieved about the environment. 

We put some clean water into disinfectant fogger and spray it into the air, then it reduces the dust in the environment. If we put some mosquito repellent into the fogger and spray it into air, then it remvoes mosquitos. If we put some formaldehyde removal liquid into the fogger,  then it removes formaldehyde in new apartments. Moreover, we can adjust the fog size to water plants. 


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