How to Kill Different Pests?

Cordless disinfectant fogger is suitable to carry mixed liquid. You use ten heads and one 50 grams of water in a ratio of 70 to 70 grams. After soaking for 24 hours, rub a little, use gauze cloth to remove the dregs and use the flowers, and then the small flying insects will be removed soon. The left and right cigarette butts are equipped with a mineral water bottle water intelligence.

First of all, you use 1:200 washing powder water (soap water) to improve the effect. You canalso add a few drops of vegetable oil. Then you stir well and spray with a cordless disinfectant fogger gun when there is no oil on the surface.

Secondly, you soak fresh orange peel in water and pour it into a flowerpot.

Thirdly, you watering flowers with pepper soaked in water can also eliminate insects.

Finally, you use the chemical chemotaxis of insects, use sweet and sour liquid to trap and kill.

How to do it?

You add sweet and sour liquid to a gun sanitizing fogger. Then you spray it with a little insecticide and place it next to the plant.

Or you prune those plants that attract insects, and the branches must be discarded or destroyed.

It is necessary to cut off the possibility of this kind of bug from the source. Generally, the appearance of small flying insects is due to the application of animal fertilizers such as milk water and eggshells. It also occurs when the basin soil is wet.


Sanitizer Fogger
Sanitizer Fogger

Washing powder: You dissolve a tablespoon of washing powder in 4 liters of water. Then you spray the leaves every two weeks with disinfectant spray gun to completely eliminate whiteflies and bacteria.

Milk: You mix 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of milk with 20 liters of water and stir. Then you filter through gauze and spray on the leaves to kill ticks and their eggs.

Beer: You pour the beer into a shallow pot under the soil of the flower pot. And then you the snail will drown when it climbs in.

Garlic: You crush a head of garlic, mix it with half a liter of water with a tablespoon of pepper. Then you spray it on the leaves after one hour to prevent the infestation of mice.

Tobacco soaking in water: When ants appear in the flowerpot, you soak the cigarette butts and tobacco in hot water for a day or two. When the water turns dark brown, you sprinkle a part of the water on the stems and leaves. Still you water the rest after dilution. To the flower pot, the ants can disappear.



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