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Atomizer sprayer for disinfecting releases mist to keep the surrounding environment clean and fresh. Different modes including charge, low pressure and high pressure. They can be switched with only a light click. Is it convenient?


Ventilation of the room is the easiest way to disinfect. For example, when the weather is good and the sunlight is sufficient, open the doors and windows to allow indoor air circulation and ventilation. Each ventilation time should be at least half an hour, and ventilation should be done at least twice a day. This method can effectively disinfect and sterilize, and is simple and easy to operate.


Convenient Disinfectant Nano Sprayer
Convenient Disinfectant Nano Sprayer
                                                                Atomizer sprayer for disinfecting


The most tense period seems to have gradually passed. With the steady progress of resumption of work and school, a life full of hope has returned to our vision. However, every friend concerned about the health cannot take it lightly. We still need to pay attention to personal protection, especially respiratory protection.

In daily life, we stay indoors most of the time for work and study. In indoor spaces, there may actually be many health threats in the transparent air, especially for respiratory health. Scientific documents show that indoor air may transmit a variety of human pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and some pathogens, etc. They may cause more serious diseases. 

The longer time you study and work indoors, the more attention you have to pay to breathing safety. The bacteria and viruses floating in the indoor air easily cause harm to fragile respiratory tract, especially for babies with fragile airways and the elderly at home.

The World Health Organization clearly states that it is necessary for us to take appropriate control measures for some airborne pathogens. Atomizer sprayer for disinfecting is handy for us to kill bacteria indoors. We just put disinfectant into it and turn on it. It will spray nano mist to targeted area without wetting it. Then targeted area become clean immediately. We can not spray it towards people in case of safety and health.


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