Car Air Purifier Ionizer

Car HEPA Air Purifier

  • Type No: B1
  • Size: 65*65*150mm
  • Packing size: 220*120*85mm
  • Net weight: 311g
  • Gross weight: 569g
  • Work current: 500mA
  • Color: Black, silver, grey
  • Charging USB: Type-C
  • Material: Aluminum alloy & ABS
  • Email: [email protected]



Anlian Co.,Ltd  is Designer / Manufacturer / Factory / Wholesaler of  Car Air Purifier Ionizer. As a OEM car air purifier market supplier, we support our distrbutors to add custom style into the design, such as the color, Logo, even protable parts and package boxes, to build their own brand and promote their business.

B2 as a Car Air Purifier Ionizer, it’s just  65*65*150mm. It purifies air in 15 seconds. It’s also installed with HEPA filter and activated carbon to manage fresh air.

Mutiple Application: keeping away dust, smoke and other harmful substances.

Dropshipping and sample business are both welcome via Whatsapp: +86 13480754989.


Filter Air Refreshener
Filter Air Refreshener
Turbo Cyclone

Unobstructed system

3600 rpm wind blower is for unobstructed circulating convection, suitable for intelligent working mode.

Multi-leaf vortex airflow

Multi-leaf vortex airflow greatly improves suction, suitable for 1st-gear working mode.

Noise reduction design

Quiet DC fan is good for quiet work, suitable for 2nd-gear working mode.


Car Air Cleaner
Car Air Cleaner
Anions & Battery & Color

Mini car air purifier portable releases dozens of anions. Then it keeps harmful substances from the air away.

Air car deodorizer is wireless with battery. So it’s portable and convenient to take it to anywhere.

There are still gradient colors for diffuser car air cleaner, bringning brightness and warmth, especially at night.


wholesale car air purifier
wholesale car air purifier
Stage Filtration System

① Fine Primary Filter

It prevents large particles such as lint, hair & pet fur, etc.

② True HEPA Filter

It traps fine particles such as dust mites, bacteria, pollen and so on.

③ Activated Carbon Filter

It absorbs household odors such as smoke, pet odors and so on.


Purifier Refresher Portable
Purifier Refresher Portable
Manganese Granules

Manganese granules is able to remove formaldehyde in cars, especially new cars. So it creates healthy environment for you.


Car Fresh Air USB Purifier
Car Fresh Air USB Purifier

Car portable HEPA air purifier contains different parts. Let’s list the name of them from left to right, from top to bottom.

Left side: ① switch, ② air outlet, ③ Type-C USB,④ aluminum alloy body, ⑤ electronic component, ⑥ lithium battery,  ⑦ negative ion generator,  ⑧ powerful turbo blower.

Right side:  ⑨ manganese particles,  ⑩ activated carbon advanced composite filter, ⑪ annular air inlet.


Car small Purifier Cleaner
Car small Purifier Cleaner
Air Inlet

360-Degree air inlet is available for accelerated circulation. It takes 3 minutes to purify 3m³ cars, 5 minutes to purify 5m³ cars, 7 minutes to purify 7m³ cars.


Purifier Mini Air Cleaner
Purifier Mini Air Cleaner
Operating Steps 

Step 1. Rotate USB freshener car HEPA filter counterclockwise and unscrew the main unit.

Step 2. Detach the main unit.

Step 3. Take out the filter and tear off the film.

Step 4. Reput the filter and tighten the cap.


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mini portable car air purifier
mini portable car air purifier
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Portable HEPA Air Purifier