How to improve deep thinking

Air purifiers rechargeable necklace keeps us refreshed when focusing on deep thinking. When we start to work since newly graduated, we face challenges and opportunities. If we strive for better position and better life, we have to make great efforts to fulfill them. However, not all the efforts will be successful. 90% candidates compete against a better position. Efforts do not make sense until root cause is caught.

Achieving Goals 

What should we do to achieve our goal? For instance, Wanda property corporation focuses on real estate, while Alibaba specializes in online shopping. Why did they competed against each other before? Wanda hopes that more consumers could go to their property for shopping, while Alibaba aspires consumers to go shopping online. Their competition lies in the hold of more consumers. It is related to their commercial interest. Therefore,we acquire general information of the goal. Then we analyze the reason from superficial to underlying level. Namely it is deep thinking.


Air Purifier Necklace Travel Size
Air Purifier Necklace Travel Size

If we obtain the root cause, we can lay down plans to achieve our goals step by step. Let’s have an example, it is hard to find a suitable boyfriend from my side. I have to list my standard of a boyfriend, such as goodness, sincerety, inward quality and competence. Then I have to check where to find such a man. Further more, what should I do to lift myself when I look for a boyfriend? An appropriate relationship should lie in mutual understanding, mutual progress and mutual appreciation. I do not find Mr. Right though, I still try to do what I can to welcome true love. Certainly air purifiers rechargeable necklace accompanies me to wherever I visit.

In a word, we have to explore the underlying cause before achieving the goal. Rome is not built in one day. It might get through tough time with slight progress in the begining of cultivating deep thinking. We could keep a diary to make feedback and communicate with superiors for fast learning. The achievement will be made day by day if persistence is hold. We should embrace the perseverance to rely on independent thinking and amazing brainstorming.


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