The Harm of Smog

Best personal air purifier can help us to breathe more fresh air though, we still have to stay more indoors in hazy days. The main components of PM2.5 are elemental nitrogen, organic carbon compounds, sulfates and nitrates, etc. Others include sodium, magnesium, calcium, aluminum, iron and other elements. They are abundant in the earth’s crust, as well as lead, zinc, cadmium, copper, etc.


USB Air Cleaner Negative Ion
USB Air Cleaner Negative Ion

Human pollutions cover main heavy metal elements. Although the spontaneous combustion process also produces PM2.5, the main source is man-made emissions. Namely they are coal, gasoline, diesel combustion, incineration of garbage, road dust, industrial pollution, forest fires, pollen bacteria and so on.


The origin of the haze

In fact, the large and small particles in the daily air will reduce the daily visibility. But compared with the coarse particles, the fine PM2.5 has a stronger ability to reduce the visibility, and the visibility will be vague when we see things. Obscure objects will also hinder the illumination of light.

Harm to human health

Large particles are easily intercepted by the nasal cavity, throat, trachea, or excreted through the movement of the villi. PM2.5 is a fine particle. Once inhaled from the respiratory tract, it will be deposited in the human alveoli and then dissolved into the blood. Blood poisoning can easily reach deep into the lungs. It can cause damage to the respiratory system and cardiovascular system. It also leads to respiratory irritation, coughing, difficulty breathing, aggravating asthma attacks, arrhythmia-induced heart disease, etc.


Healthy diet

We drink plenty of water to speed up the body’s metabolism instead of intake of spicy and stimulating food as well as hot pot in winter. A diet should be light. We have to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, tremella, pear, persimmon, lily, radish, water chestnuts and other lung-moistening foods.


personal hygiene

We should keep good personal hygiene, such as washing faces, rinsing mouths when back home. It is also necessary to change clothes when back home to remove the pollution residue.


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