More Attention on Pregnant Women

Advanced wall-mounted air sterilizer keeps pathogens away from pregnant women, leaving them fresh air. So it is good for their health and mood. There are a surging number of American pregnant women during COVID-19. As high-risk and vulnerable group, pregnant women decrease in immunity during their pregnancy. If they infect the coronavirus, they will become severe. Let’s check their status quo below.


Wall Mounted UV Light Sterilizer
Wall Mounted UV Light Sterilizer

Researchers in CEU Cardenal-Herrera and Catania expressed that pregnant women have to stay indoors during the pandemic. They reduce 30% sport activities and 60% walk, which weakens their health. What’s worse, they have to go to hospital for pregnancy check, which might increase the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Pregnancy brings physical discomfort and psychological pressure to pregnant women. While the coronavirus intensifies their anxiety on health of mother and baby, physical changes, family income and expenditure, work pressure, etc. Some of them even suffer from sexual abuse. Advanced wall-mounted air sterilizer is your sound choice. 


Pregnant women staying indoorsPregnant women staying indoors

How to help pregnant women during the epidemic? On one hand, more proper indoor exercise and healthy food enable them to strengthen their immunity. On the other hand, best air disinfector helps pregnant women to breathe more fresh air indoors. What’s more, family care and medical advice can relieve their anxiety to a large degree. Less gathering reduces the chance of meeting people. Adequate rest is beneficial to pregnant women and fetus. At length, government and humanitarian organizations should protect their right and offer them economical assistance.


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