Hay Fever Recovery

Can hay fever be cured

Anion wearable purifier necklace helps you to prevent hay fever. Prevention matters over treatment. The characteristics of hay fever are seasonal. If we develop immune tolerance through desensitization treatment (immunotherapy), the symptoms of hay fever in patients can be obvious for more than ten years or decades. Remission or no attack, then in a sense, it  is “radical cure”.

Pollen allergy is determined by genes. If your genes are the same, it is impossible to be completely non-allergic to pollen with current science and technology. Therefore, we can only improve and cure it relatively, but not absolutely cure it.

Ionic Air Purifier
Ionic Air Purifier
How to prevent hay fever

Routine measures to prevent hay fever include wearing masks and goggles when going out. We can use pollen blockers and change clothes in time after returning home, using anion wearable purifier necklace as well. Then we wash face, nasal cavity and other exposed skin parts. At the same time, we open windows for ventilation, attention to the selection of pollen periods of low concentration and low wind.

In addition, paying special attention to the following points:

You have to know what pollen you are allergic to. If you are allergic to cypress pollen in spring, do not go to parks or mountains with many such trees, or areas or cities where there are more allergens. You can do some preventive treatment and prescribe some preventive medicines in advance before the high season of hay fever.

For patients with asthma, inhaled corticosteroids are generally at least one to two weeks in advance to prevent asthma. Mild patients can take montelukast sodium orally as a preventive measure. In particularly severe patients, we even need to use inhaled glucocorticoids, long-acting β2 receptor agonist two-in-one preparations. Or we even use montelukast sodium in combination to prevent them.


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