Hay Fever Profile

How can I tell if it’s a pollen allergy or a cold

Air freshener around neck is your personal friend to fight against pollen. Hay fever allergies and colds do have similar symptoms. For example, both can cause runny nose, sneezing and blocked nose. But there are three differences.

Firstly, in terms of duration, general viral colds generally recovers about a week as long as there are no complications. However, rhinitis caused by allergies lasts for 1 month even in the shortest course.

Secondly, hay fever has a very specific and iconic symptom, which is an itchy nose. In general, a cold may cause a runny nose, sneezing, and congestion, but not an itchy nose.

Thirdly, in addition to the symptoms of the nose, there are also symptoms of the whole body. Although there is not necessarily a fever, there is always some fatigue, headache, dizziness and other symptoms. However, symptoms of hay fever is only limited to the nose and eyes.


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What are the consequences of severe hay fever

The consequences of hay fever itself are mainly the following two problems:

Firstly, like hay fever in summer and autumn, 50% of people will have asthma in addition to rhinoconjunctivitis. Asthma, if left untreated, can flare up for many years. It causes irreversible damage. We call it airway remodeling. Airway remodeling can affect lung function. We might miss some opportunities for treatment, such as desensitization. If the airway remodeling aggravates, it even causes pulmonary heart disease.

Secondly, some hay fever patients may be together with food allergies. These foods are generally from plant origin, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, and even some seasonings. Some patients with food allergies will cause severe allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock. If the rescue is not timely or the rescue method is not appropriate, it may even lead to death.

Therefore, for hay fever patients, it is necessary to pay attention when symptoms appear. It is better to go to the hospital for examination. Air freshener around neck is available indoors and outdoors.


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