2-Hour Work for Athinno Disinfector

Wall-mounted air disinfection is a technology. It is regular for Athinno disinfector to work for 2 hours everyday, leaving a clean and healthy environment. Users can stay in the room where it works. As it covers UV-C light, it doesn’t hurt people’s skin. 


UVC Disinfection Wall Units
Wall-mounted air Disinfection Units

“Indoor” mainly refers to the living room. Indoor air pollution refers to indoor environmental pollution behaviors that cause harmful substances in indoor air to exceed the standard due to various reasons, thereby affecting human health. Harmful substances include formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radioactive radon, etc. When the pollution level is aggravated, the human body will produce sub-health reactions and even threaten the safety of life, which is one of the human hazards that has received increasing attention.

Air quality and health

On average, people spend more than 80% of their time indoors. With the modernization of production and lifestyles, more work, entertainment and sports activities can be carried out indoors, shopping does not have to go to the street every day, and a suitable indoor microclimate makes it unnecessary for people to often go outdoors to adjust the thermal effect. In this way, people’s Indoor activity time is more, even as high as 93%. Therefore, the relationship between indoor air quality and human health is more closely and more important. Although concentrations of indoor pollutants tend to be low, the cumulative exposure is high due to the long exposure time. In particular, the elderly, young, sick, disabled and other frail people have lower body resistance and fewer opportunities for outdoor activities. Therefore, the relationship between indoor air quality and them is particularly important.

Wall-mounted air disinfection sucks the indoor air with bacteria into relatively closed machine. There are ultraviolet and filter in it. Therefore, it disinfects bacteria and exhale fresh air out of the machine. The cycle generates fresh air indoors repeatedly.  



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