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It achieves 99.99% kill rate against pathogens, rust, mite and smoke, etc. The highlight is that it works indoors while people can stay at the same time. It covers 150m² area and works only 2 hours everyday. Then the indoor environment is clean healthy. We can control it in Tuya APP remotely. 

It cleans environment by spraying disinfectant to 

every corner without wetting it. A fitler ball is in sucker bottom in case of blockage. There is 2000 mAh lithium battery inside it for automatic work with 1 button click. It acts as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, water can, etc. It keeps to work around 1 month. 

There is carbon brush releasing negative ion to keep toxic gas, particles and other polluted stuff away. More fresh air will reach us. It is portable and light as well. So we can wear it to anywhere anytime, including indoors and outdoors, working and sleeping. Amazingly, it is muted. Thus it won’t disturb you. 

There are anion and HEPA filter inside it. Anions purifies air in the car. HEPA filter works against odor and smoke, etc. The environment in cars is comfortable. We lift amazing driving experience. It is multi- functional, available in cars, offices, apartments and so on. It’s also muted and portable. 

We are manufacturing consumer electronics such as wall mount air sterilizer, disinfectant nano sprayer, portable air purifier and car air purifierThey all acquired certificates of CE, FCC and RoHS. 

Our products have been well received by European and American clients. 

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